Indulge in Sweet and Savory Delights: A Guide to Iconic Snacks and Sweets in France

France is known for its delectable desserts, including pastries, chocolates, and candies. From classic to modern flavors, French candies offer a unique taste that's loved all over the world. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best French candies, the most famous sweets brands, and more.

Best French Candies

  1. Carambars

Carambars are caramel candies that were first introduced in France in 1954. These chewy treats have a sweet, buttery flavor that's hard to resist. They are often enjoyed by people of all ages and come in a variety of flavors.

  1. Les Anis de Flavigny

Les Anis de Flavigny is a traditional French candy that has been around since the 17th century. These small, round candies are made with aniseed and sugar and come in a beautiful tin. They have a sweet, licorice-like flavor and are often used as a breath freshener.

  1. Nougat de Montélimar

Nougat de Montélimar is a chewy, sweet candy that is made with honey, almonds, and egg whites. It is named after the town of Montélimar, where it originated. This candy is popular in France, especially during the Christmas season.

Most Famous Sweets Brands

  1. Ladurée

Ladurée is a well-known French patisserie that was established in 1862. It is famous for its macarons, which are small, colorful sandwich cookies that come in a variety of flavors. Ladurée also offers other pastries, including eclairs, tarts, and cakes.

  1. Fauchon

Fauchon is a gourmet food and pastry shop that was founded in Paris in 1886. It is known for its high-quality chocolates, macarons, and other sweets. Fauchon also offers a wide range of gourmet products, including teas, coffees, and jams.

  1. Valrhona

Valrhona is a French chocolate manufacturer that was founded in 1922. It is known for its high-quality chocolates, which are used by many pastry chefs and chocolatiers around the world. Valrhona offers a variety of chocolate products, including bars, truffles, and baking chocolate.


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More French Sweets

  1. Chouquettes

Chouquettes are small, round pastries that are made with choux pastry and sprinkled with pearl sugar. They are often served as a snack or dessert and can be filled with whipped cream or pastry cream.

  1. Calissons d'Aix

Calissons d'Aix are almond-shaped candies that are made with ground almonds, sugar, and candied fruits. They have a sweet, marzipan-like flavor and are often enjoyed during the Christmas season.

  1. Dragées

Dragées are small, sugar-coated candies that are often used as wedding favors or decorations. They come in a variety of colors and flavors and are often presented in decorative packaging.

In conclusion, French candies offer a unique taste that's hard to find anywhere else. From classic caramels to modern macarons, there's a French candy for everyone. Whether you're a fan of traditional flavors or something new and exciting, France has plenty to offer in terms of sweets and treats.


There are also more uncommon sweets in France check out these 3!

  1. Bergamotes de Nancy

Bergamotes de Nancy are a type of candy that originates from the city of Nancy in northeastern France. They are small, hard candies made with bergamot essential oil and sugar, giving them a unique flavor that is both sweet and slightly bitter.

  1. Pâte de coing

Pâte de coing is a type of French candy made from quince fruit paste and sugar. It has a very dense, chewy texture and a sweet, slightly tart flavor. Pâte de coing is often enjoyed during the winter months and is sometimes served with cheese as a dessert.

  1. Bêtises de Cambrai

Bêtises de Cambrai are a type of mint-flavored candy that originated in the town of Cambrai in northern France. They are made with sugar, glucose syrup, and natural mint flavoring, giving them a refreshing and slightly medicinal taste. Bêtises de Cambrai are often sold in small tins or jars and are popular as a gift or souvenir from the region.


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