Things to do in Tsuno, a small village next to Miyazaki

Tsuno, Miyazaki

 My Video of Visiting Tsuno!

Welcome to TSUNO. A peaceful town in the countryside.

Tsuno (都農町, Tsuno-chō) is a town located in Koyu District, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan.

The most known place about Tsuno is the Tsuno Winery. But besides the Winery Tsuno has many places to offer that may surprise you!


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The Tsuno Winery

In my Video of Visiting The Winery unfortunately I only filmed a bit outIide i forgot to film while Tasting the wine since it was so delicious!!

Tsuno Wine was created in the town of Tsuno in Miyazaki Prefecture.

The Winery offers tours of the wine-making process and wine tastings, as well as meals at the cafe and wine-related events.

The Tsuno Winery uses only locally produced grapes, which is surprising considering the weather conditions in Miyazaki.

It has been said that "Miyazaki, which has a lot of rain, is not suitable for grape cultivation."

In fact,  in Tsuno, the annual rainfall is over 4,000 mm.

It rains five to eight times as much as the world's grape-producing regions.

Moreover, a typhoon hits during the harvest season, and
strong winds cause great damage to leaves and fruits.

But against all these odds, Tsuno produces this amazing delicious wine that is famous for its strong fruity flavor.

If you can't make it to Tsuno but you still want to try this delicacy you can buy it online!


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Nangoku CBF

 My Video of Visiting Nangoku CBF.

The Famous Nangoku Purin from Miyazaki is also available in Tsuno!

Together with the delicious juice from the seven stars train and many more local delicacy's this place is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area! 


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Nangoku Purin Factory  


This tropical pudding aimed to be a pudding that is rich but has a smooth aftertaste.

Milk is the main ingredient. 

By creating an environment that does not give stress to the dairy cows as much as possible, we slowly pasteurized the milk from Matsuura Ranch.

It has a gentle taste and no unpleasant flavors, this milk is perfect for the ideal pudding.

For this pudding, they only use real vanilla from Madagascar and no extracts or powders.


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Tsuno Shrine

According to legend, this shrine is said to have been built by the first emperor, tenno Jimmu (神武天皇). That was before he reached the throne more than 2700 years ago.

The Tsuno shrine has been called "Hinata Kuninomiya" since ancient times. The ancient shrine is dedicated to "onamuchi no mikoto," which is a high deity.

According to the legend of this shrine, Emperor Jimmu departed from "Miyazaki no Miya" during the eastern transition. On the way, the Emperor prayed to the ancestors of the land for peace, maritime peace, and the luck of armed forces in this land for a long time. This led to the creation of this shrine.

The shrine has since been revered by successive royal families. It became state-owned during the time of the 54th Emperor Nimei.

Ōkuninushi-no-Kami.has been worshipped as a god of building nations, agriculture, commerce, and medicine. Also, because the first two Chinese characters of Okuninushi can also be pronounced as 'daikoku' Okuninushi has been syncretized with Daikokuten (Mahakala or Daikoku-sama) that shares that pronunciation and has been accepted in the beliefs of the common people. Because Kotoshironushi no Kami, who was a child of Okuninushi, has been syncretized with Ebisu, Daikoku-sama and Ebisu came to be believed as being a parent and a child.


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 My Video of Visiting Tsuno!


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