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Japanese Dagashi Box - 30 Famous Sweets and Snacks

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Indulge in Authentic Japanese Flavors with Our Ultimate Snack Adventure Box!

Product Description:

Unleash your inner epicurean and embark on a delightful journey through the flavors of Japan with our delectable Japanese Snackbox. Immerse yourself in a symphony of taste, texture, and tradition as you savor carefully selected candies, snacks, and treats that bring the essence of Japan directly to your home. Whether you're seeking a solo culinary exploration or a shared experience with friends, our Snackbox is the perfect companion for elevating your snacking game.

Please note that, due to the changing seasons, certain items may be subject to replacement with equally enticing alternatives, ensuring that your adventure remains captivating year-round. Additionally, be aware that some contents are chocolate-based and may experience slight melting during hot summer days. For those scorching moments, our Summer Snack Box offers a cool respite, featuring drinks and snacks that withstand the heat!

Product Features:

Delight in a curated assortment of 30 iconic Japanese snacks and sweets that capture the essence of Japanese culinary artistry.

Experience a sensory delight as you explore each unique offering in this extraordinary collection:

  1. Potato Ring Snack Nagewa: Satisfy your savory cravings with this addictive potato ring snack.
  2. Takoyaki Texas Corn: Indulge in the bold flavors of takoyaki-infused corn crisps.
  3. Cabetsu Taro: Elevate your snacking experience with the rich taste of Cabetsu Taro.
  4. Happy Turn: Embark on a journey of joy with the delectable Happy Turn snack.
  5. Saya Endo: Discover the perfect balance of crunch and flavor in every bite of Saya Endo.
  6. Crayon Shin-chan Gummy Grape: Immerse yourself in nostalgia with these delightful Shin-chan gummy grapes (2 pieces).
  7. Puku Puku Taiyaki: Delight in the whimsy of chocolate-filled Puku Puku Taiyaki treats.
  8. Kirby Maze Maze Mix: Navigate the labyrinth of flavor with gum inspired by the beloved Kirby.
  9. Umaibo Shrimp Mayo: Indulge in the umami goodness of Umaibo shrimp mayo.
  10. Umaibo Vegetable Salad: Immerse yourself in the freshness of Umaibo vegetable salad.
  11. Umaibo Cheese: Savor the creamy richness of Umaibo cheese.
  12. Umaibo Seaweed Salt: Experience the coastal essence of Umaibo seaweed salt.
  13. Sonomanma Cola: Refresh your senses with the invigorating taste of Sonomanma Cola gum.
  14. Sonomanma Grape: Enjoy the luscious burst of Sonomanma Grape gum.
  15. Jelly Ball Green Apple/Grape/Cola/Cyder: Delight in a quartet of tantalizing jelly balls in green apple, grape, cola, and cyder flavors (4 pieces in total).
  16. Sanrio Chocolate Kitty/My Melody/Rilakkuma: Immerse yourself in cuteness with Sanrio-themed chocolates featuring Kitty, My Melody, and Rilakkuma (6 pieces).
  17. Ichigo Tsumi: Indulge in the berry goodness of Ichigo Tsumi chocolate.
  18. Marurun Man Choco Strawberry/White: Savor the delicate balance of flavors in Marurun Man Choco Strawberry and White chocolates (4 pieces).

Elevate your snacking game and infuse your taste buds with the essence of Japan with our Japanese Snack Adventure Box, a culinary experience that promises to delight and captivate every palate.

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